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Art that matters to the heart

Illustration · Digital Mixed Media · Stickers · Comics

I'm an Asian-American designer and illustrator based in Austin, TX who likes to create cute and thoughtful art. As a quiet kid, I was too shy to use my voice so instead I used my imagination and found creative ways to speak up.

My work is filled with bright and playful illustrations of childlike wonder, uplifting encouragement, strong female characters, and asian cultural representation. With a bachelor's degree in social work and a certificate in visual design, I use creativity as an opportunity to discuss important, sometimes difficult, conversations about relationships, mental health, social issues, and spiritual growth in the form of digestible, whimsical art.


When I'm not doodling, I like to watch Studio Ghibli movies, play board games with my husband, dance with my toddler, and serve at my church.

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